CBI Annual Dinner at The Biscuit Factory, Newcastle

Team Cherry was up bright and early last weekend to attend not one, not two, but three separate events in one day!

The Cherry Venue Dressers vans were packed and ready to go to The Reach for Excellence graduation awards at the University of Leeds, The Burnley Business Awards, and the CBI Annual Dinner at the prestigious Biscuit Factory, Newcastle.

We have posted some images of the illuminated table centres for the Burnley Business Awards, and the balloon decorations for the University of Leeds event on our Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Below are the images from the CBI annual dinner at the biscuit factory, Newcastle. Cherry Venue Dressers provided venue decoration, and styling to make sure the room looked as great as the guests themselves.

All of our illuminated table centres are bespoke designs, as all of the elements can be added together individually to create a unique table centre, complete with engraved business logos, or personalised messages. See our Table Centres page for more information.

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