The Great Escape! – Free Team Cherry!

Team Cherry had a spot of drama this week – We always go the extra mile for every client but we were almost stopped in our tracks at an event last weekend!! 

Team Cherry Sprinkling Sparkle and Shine On All Our Events!

We have had another exciting week with 3 events, using a plethora of materials including bubble balloons, music shaped balloons, balloon greeters, and feather table centres.  It really has been a very busy week finished off with a spot of drama – what more could you ask for from the working week!

Our first event was the Hitachi Capital Annual Dinner held at The Queens Hotel, Leeds. A glamorous event with a mixture of glitter balloons, clear balloons & white balloons filling the ceiling above the dance floor:

glitter balloons

We also created a very glamorous walkway up to the event by using various sizes of gold, white and glitter balloons :

glitter balloons

Our next event was a fabulous casino themed 40th birthday party held at Cookridge Hall with black, white and red colours throughout. We decided on illuminated table centres with large red and white feathers:

feather table centres

feather table centres

We also provided jumbo balloons in red white and black, lining the ceiling and the walkway:

jumbo ceiling balloons

In addition to this, we also provided a huge light up 40 sign which looked fantastic and we feel brought the whole event together:

number lights

Finally, we ended the week with a wonderful 70th birthday which was held at The Sun Pavillion, Harrogate – this is where the drama happened! The Team Cherry van casually pulled out of its parking spot to find the barrier was locked! Confronted with a potential night sleeping in the van, our luck was in because the kind gentleman who was working at the Sun Pavillion had a spare key. Team Cherry was free at last!

The music themed event itself was fantastic. We created 2 helium balloon greeters playing a balloon guitar and the other a balloon saxophone:

helium balloon greaters

In addition to the fabulous greeters, we provided floating music notes, records and saxophone balloons floating above the dinner tables:

music balloons


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