wedding balloon displays

Spectacular Wedding Balloon Displays


What an amazing weekend!

Janice and Ian who are the owners of Cherry Venue Dressers had their beautiful daughters wedding day to attend. Smooth Operator LTD were the highly sought after wedding planners for the day so Janice and Ian didn’t have to lift a finger and were able to enjoy this very special day. Team Cherry were very pleased to be providing the wedding balloon displays for very special event at The Royal Hall Harrogate

Photo Backdrop Balloon Wall

This is a new innovative design, its a huge wall made of high quality helium balloons of any colours of your choice and looks great as a backdrop for your professional photographs. It really gives an element of fun at your wedding or any event for that matter, take a look at the image below

wedding balloon displays

Giant Helium Balloon Trees ( Bold Cherry Bubbles)

We absolutely love these giant helium balloons which we affectionately call “Bold Cherry Bubbles”. They are so versatile and are completely inter changeable. These were a lovely peach and white colour and were on chiffon which is easily attached to any surface to create a variety of displays. Take a look at the images below which is what we decided to do at Samantha and Harry’s wedding but the possibilities really are display balloons

wedding balloon displays

We can cater for all wedding sizes and demands, these are just a few of the wonderful things we can do with balloons!

We were also ¬†asked to provide wedding balloon displays at a different wedding which was a completely different theme to Samantha and Harry’s. We created balloon arches with the bride and grooms lovely colour schemes and balloon wraps around the columns within the wedding venue. Take a look at the images below

wedding balloon displays

We were also asked to create balloon bride and groom greaters . These were made from a giant letter balloons and various balloons to create a very cute helium balloon bride and groom -we think they are fabulous!

We hope you have enjoyed reading our spectacular wedding balloon displays blog this week! For more wedding ideas please view our gallery which can be found here 

Cherry Venue Dressers would like to give a special thanks to Smooth Operator LTD for all their amazing hard work at Samantha and Harry’s wedding it was a truly amazing day for everyone involved.

If you are planning a wedding or any event and would like some of our fantastic balloon displays to feature please call 0113 22 55 666 or use our contact form which can be found here